The Krusty Takeover Project

The Krusty Takeover Project

I am creating a world of buildings where Krusty the Clown is everywhere I go - the world needs more Krusty. 

During this latest lockdown photographers are only allowed to do commercial projects (headshots, product and commercial real estate for me). So I’m offering Front Porch Headshot sessions, Commercial Real Estate photography, Product Photography, taking online courses and going for walks to make pictures and honing my skills both in-camera and using photoshop on personal projects like this one.

Krusty was not harmed in the making of these pictures - in fact, he happily posed (he only has one pose) inside my product photography station.

Personal Branding Session with Heather of Re4m in Ottawa

Heather is an Ottawa entrepreneur and industrial designer who is dedicated to creating new, and beautiful, display items from old and discarded materials at her company Re4m in Ottawa. She is also the person who built the Iconic Portrait Studio Facade and set backdrops for Santa Claus at Billings Bridge and Hazeldean Mall.

It was a pleasure to work on her headshots and personal branding photographs in our studio in Billings Bridge and I look forward to making her next series with her.

Iconic Portrait Studio

Always have a choice

It is written somewhere that you should always give yourself at least three choices - this is, I believe, why they created Neopolitan ice cream, a true parent saver.

How many times have you been given the choice of one thing or nothing? Not really a choice. So why do so many businesses do this as their default proposal? Failing to present the three options; Good, Better and Best, denies customers the most valuable of your offerings; choice.

There is more than one highway that will take you to Toronto and more than one way to speak to your customers, give yourself at least three options and pick the best.

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