How I will photograph your building(s) in Ottawa and available Canada-wide

I plan for Context and Desired Results

Where is it?  A busy downtown during the day or is it in a quiet suburb during the day and busy on weekends. How do I get there and where do I park? 

Who should I sign in with? Security, management or just show up?

What features do you want to highlight? Where will the sun (or moon) be to highlight the features best? 

What kind of context do you want? Should the area be full of cars or blurred out customers or should the area be empty and clean?

When? Given the above, when is the best time to make photographs?

How will you be using the photographs? While I shoot everything in high-resolution RAW files, how defined will the final images need to be in order to fulfil your goals and what kind of style (creative, dramatic or factual)?

A Shared Chronological Checklist

  • Date & Time Window
  • Address
  • Key contacts and phone numbers for check in and emergencies
  • Shot list with context
  • Check out

A Professional Approach

While on site I will wear a safety vest, carry credentials, be polite, courteous and approachable while being obvious that I am making pictures (this allows people to clear the area safely if they do not want to be in pictures).

Photograph Editing and Delivery

Photographs will be edited (cleaning of parking lot cracks and debris, blurring of people and licence plates and distorted lines straightened - based on scope of work results desired).

Photographs will then be delivered as high-resolution JPG images that are downloadable from a dedicated online gallery by your graphic arts professional.

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Vacant Unit Photography for Leasing

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