Shopping Centre Photography

There is beauty in commercial buildings. 

This past summer I had the good fortune to go on a road trip to photograph nineteen Ontario properties for BentallGreenOak. What I was able to capture was more than buildings and roads and parking lots. Whether it was a Peterborough McDonalds, a Starbucks in Milton, a Tim Hortons in Mississauga, the gleaming White Oaks Mall in London or the busy towers (and underground) of downtown Toronto I took my time to make pictures that would make my high school architectural drafting teacher (Mr. Shone) proud. And while it was five days on the road making pictures at every waking minute I spent just as much time at my computer editing; straightening lines, fixing cold patches, removing errant trash & shopping carts and removing, or blurring, people (who would have thought people could stand that still for five-second exposures). 

 In these photographs, I see the beauty of these buildings and communities and wanted to show respect for the people who planned, built, own, occupy and visit them every day.

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