Frank Fenn - IDEA3

Photographer with the mindset of a Marketing Director

Commercial Photography is a means to an end

Purpose driven planning and execution will create the image you want to project onto the world. Done well and you form a positive perception in your potential customer's mind, done poorly and you may as well not have tried. Whether it is for headshots, personal branding, architectural, product or event photography, subject focused image crafting and creativity will move you to the next level.

Architectural Photography
You have awe inspiring buildings and structures, share them with bold professional images!

Headshot and Personal Branding Portraits
You have character, experience and personality, we will make your LinkedIn Portrait pop! 

Santa Studio Experience
Santa visits are more than just "click, click, next". Many children's (and parents too) best memories are those magical visits with Santa. We take the holistic experience approach inspired by Disney with trained staff and online reservations with dedicated time for Santa to help children discover the gifts they possess inside and finish it all off with professional portraits capturing that moment of validation.

Branding Websites
Sharing your origin story through a vertically integrated marketing program - communicating your “Why”, photographing you/your business and building your website to express You, The Brand.

Frank Fenn

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