IDEA3 Architectural Photography by Frank Fenn.

Making composited photographs to share the Architect's vision.

Straight horizontal and vertical lines, beautiful skies, obstruction removals and seeing life in the building 

The focus is on the majesty of the building.

Architectural photograph of Dymon Storage in Barrhaven Ottawa On by Frank Fenn, IDEA3 photographed for Tact Architecture

DYMON Barrhaven Before

DYMON Barrhaven Post Edit

A Plan with an approved Creative Brief

  • Objectives and Use of Images
  • Final Creative application - your look and feel
  • Location(s) and parking arrangements
  • Key on-site contact and their information
  • Highlight areas - what are you most proud of and areas of motivation
  • Timing - day of week & time of day to either minimize or maximize traffic or focus on your building(s) features
  • Final Image Sizes and Ratios
  • Timeline and Deadlines
UOttawa architecture photography of Residence on Mann Ave Ottawa ON

UOttawa Residence Before

UOttawa Residence Post-Edit

The Professional Approach

Observance of safety protocols, credentials, polite, courteous and approachable while being obvious that we are making pictures (this allows people to clear the area safely if they do not want to be in pictures). 

And $5 million in liability insurance with your company as co-insured.

Edit and Delivered on schedule

Photographs will be edited based on the scope of work: lighting, cleaning of parking lot cracks & debris, blurring of people and license plates, and architectural detailing.

Photographs will then be delivered as either web or print high-resolution JPG images and downloadable from a dedicated online gallery to your team.

Contact today and we'll send you a detailed estimate with our execution timeline

Share your project's location, how you plan to use the images and any insights of the properties you want photographed and your deadlines.

Architectural Photography in Ottawa, Toronto and Canada
by Frank Fenn, IDEA3

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