Architectural Ottawa

Ottawa Architectural photography by Frank Fenn IDEA3
Ottawa Architectural photography by Frank Fenn IDEA3
Downtown Ottawa Architectural photography by Frank Fenn IDEA3

Though made with a very wide 20 mm lens each of these photographs is an amalgamation of several raw files that have been merged in Photoshop. After merging all lines are straightened, lighting is adjusted so that the whites and colours are separated from the background and saturation levels are made to separate the subject buildings from their surroundings.

Personal Branding Session with Johnny Vegas in Ottawa

The first time I met Johnny Vegas was when I was photographing a wedding at Cedarhill Golf & Country Club in Nepean/Ottawa. Johnny’s band was performing later and I had the good fortune to dine with him at the reception. In talking with him I was impressed by how outgoing and polite he was but what really stuck with me was that he paid attention to and was totally engaged by all of the speeches and was sincerely touched by them. 

I had learned at that time that he had regular gigs at different local bars (including Maxwells on Elgin Street). This is how the Bride and Groom had discovered him. Being impressed by his enthusiastic professionalism I made sure that to become friends with him on Facebook and I kept track of his comings and goings. 

While putting together the plan for this first personal branding session with Johnny it was important for him (and me) to visit places that meant more than “just having a pretty background”. The first stop was at the Manx on Elgin Street. This was where Johnny made his debut - he shared that he listened through the window (seen at the left) to the basement pub for his cue to make his entrance. 

And, while Maxwells has become a different restaurant, he told me that he loaded (and unloaded) his equipment through the back doors over a thousand times for his performances.

I’m looking forward to opening up the Iconic Portrait Studio in Billings Bridge Shopping Centre (hopefully in July) where we will make new headshots and to a follow up on-location session to complete his package.

For more information on Personal Branding Headshot sessions visit: ICONICPORTRAIT.CA

Embrun Shoppers Drug Mart before and after edits

How to make pictures of your own property.

1. Have a camera. At some point most photographers get asked what the best camera is and, though people are asking about the brand and model, the photographer likely replies: “the one you have in your hand”. If you have an iPhone, use it. If you have a low priced point and shoot or high-end DSLR or Mirrorless camera use that - it is the person who holds the camera that dictates the end result.

2. Prepare your property. Clean your property up. A lot. While we all pride ourselves running tight ships you don’t really see all of the flaws until they are photographed. Removing shopping carts, garbage, garbage cans, salt boxes and stickers on light standards will save you time and money in the long run.

3. Count on 1-2 hours to photograph the exterior of a small single pad structure-property (5 hours if you are creating dramatic panoramics). Do the first round of pictures then examine them on your laptop - look for the ugly things (like those noted in “2” above)

then go about either removing the items or changing your angles to hide them then shoot again.

4. Edit. Edit. Edit. You want your straight lines to be straight and your horizontal lines to be horizontal. You’ll want your building brighter and your skies darker, licence plates and pedestrians to be blurred and all garbage/carts removed from your final photograph. After editing you’ll have to save your files as JPGs cropped and sized to suit where you’ll be using them

5. If you don’t have the time, or the skills, to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? In this case we suggest finding a photographer who will do all of the above for you.

Special Offer: Message me, quoting this post with “Photograph My Property” in the subject line, and I will photograph your building in the Ottawa/Eastern Ontario area in April or May 2021 for FREE. If you like the pictures you can purchase the edited *regular high-resolution files for your non-exclusive commercial licence at $150 each or 20 for $1,500.

*Super Edited Panoramic High-Resolution Images are a separate offer at $500 for each file.

Note: pictures in this post illustrate the before and after processing for a commissioned job in Feb 2021.

The Krusty Takeover Project

The Krusty Takeover Project

I am creating a world of buildings where Krusty the Clown is everywhere I go - the world needs more Krusty. 

During this latest lockdown photographers are only allowed to do commercial projects (headshots, product and commercial real estate for me). So I’m offering Front Porch Headshot sessions, Commercial Real Estate photography, Product Photography, taking online courses and going for walks to make pictures and honing my skills both in-camera and using photoshop on personal projects like this one.

Krusty was not harmed in the making of these pictures - in fact, he happily posed (he only has one pose) inside my product photography station.

Always have a choice

It is written somewhere that you should always give yourself at least three choices - this is, I believe, why they created Neopolitan ice cream, a true parent saver.

How many times have you been given the choice of one thing or nothing? Not really a choice. So why do so many businesses do this as their default proposal? Failing to present the three options; Good, Better and Best, denies customers the most valuable of your offerings; choice.

There is more than one highway that will take you to Toronto and more than one way to speak to your customers, give yourself at least three options and pick the best.

Shopping Centre Photography

There is beauty in commercial buildings. 

This past summer I had the good fortune to go on a road trip to photograph nineteen Ontario properties for BentallGreenOak. What I was able to capture was more than buildings and roads and parking lots. Whether it was a Peterborough McDonalds, a Starbucks in Milton, a Tim Hortons in Mississauga, the gleaming White Oaks Mall in London or the busy towers (and underground) of downtown Toronto I took my time to make pictures that would make my high school architectural drafting teacher (Mr. Shone) proud. And while it was five days on the road making pictures at every waking minute I spent just as much time at my computer editing; straightening lines, fixing cold patches, removing errant trash & shopping carts and removing, or blurring, people (who would have thought people could stand that still for five-second exposures). 

 In these photographs, I see the beauty of these buildings and communities and wanted to show respect for the people who planned, built, own, occupy and visit them every day.

Images as Anthems

What makes an image an Anthem? You know, a photograph (or illustration) that makes you stand at attention. The best examples for me have always been Movie (and now TV series) posters. The symbolism of Don Draper’s solitary figure standing in the high rise office tower hinting at his powerful “in charge” attitude but also his emptiness and his man on the (l)edge. In the Game of Thrones I feel the weight placed on the shoulders of Ned, the Hand of the King. In Oceans 11 I see the star power of a new Rat Pack (notice how they have to state “starring in alphabetical order”) and I know that it will be a fun action packed romp through Vegas. These images give you a taste of what each stands for…and if the taste appeals to you, you should buy it.

Your advertising images need to do the same. Dig deep into the meaning of your offerings (to your chosen customers) and filter your message, then create your own movie poster for the world. If you do this you will have your own Anthem that will make people stand at attention.

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