Personal Branding Session with Heather of Re4m in Ottawa

Heather is an Ottawa entrepreneur and industrial designer who is dedicated to creating new, and beautiful, display items from old and discarded materials at her company Re4m in Ottawa. She is also the person who built the Iconic Portrait Studio Facade and set backdrops for Santa Claus at Billings Bridge and Hazeldean Mall.

It was a pleasure to work on her headshots and personal branding photographs in our studio in Billings Bridge and I look forward to making her next series with her.

Iconic Portrait Studio

Always have a choice

It is written somewhere that you should always give yourself at least three choices - this is, I believe, why they created Neopolitan ice cream, a true parent saver.

How many times have you been given the choice of one thing or nothing? Not really a choice. So why do so many businesses do this as their default proposal? Failing to present the three options; Good, Better and Best, denies customers the most valuable of your offerings; choice.

There is more than one highway that will take you to Toronto and more than one way to speak to your customers, give yourself at least three options and pick the best.

Free Zoom Backgrounds Available

If you use Zoom you know that you can change your background, but what to use? I’ve put together some pictures into a gallery for friends and colleagues to use as backgrounds for their next meetings. 

Each photograph is sized to fit your Zoom screen at the correct resolution.


Download instructions:

On a device (cellphone/tablet)
Press the menu button then the download icon on any photograph and it will be downloaded directly onto your device. 

On a Personal Computer
Click on the first picture in your gallery and you can scroll through - you will see the menu button and then the download icon at the top left of the photograph. If you click the download icon it will give you the option to download a single photograph or all of the original photographs. If you choose to download all of the originals then your photographs will be downloaded into a zip file onto your computer.

Frank Fenn - idea3

Shopping Centre Photography

There is beauty in commercial buildings. 

This past summer I had the good fortune to go on a road trip to photograph nineteen Ontario properties for BentallGreenOak. What I was able to capture was more than buildings and roads and parking lots. Whether it was a Peterborough McDonalds, a Starbucks in Milton, a Tim Hortons in Mississauga, the gleaming White Oaks Mall in London or the busy towers (and underground) of downtown Toronto I took my time to make pictures that would make my high school architectural drafting teacher (Mr. Shone) proud. And while it was five days on the road making pictures at every waking minute I spent just as much time at my computer editing; straightening lines, fixing cold patches, removing errant trash & shopping carts and removing, or blurring, people (who would have thought people could stand that still for five-second exposures). 

 In these photographs, I see the beauty of these buildings and communities and wanted to show respect for the people who planned, built, own, occupy and visit them every day.

Images as Anthems

What makes an image an Anthem? You know, a photograph (or illustration) that makes you stand at attention. The best examples for me have always been Movie (and now TV series) posters. The symbolism of Don Draper’s solitary figure standing in the high rise office tower hinting at his powerful “in charge” attitude but also his emptiness and his man on the (l)edge. In the Game of Thrones I feel the weight placed on the shoulders of Ned, the Hand of the King. In Oceans 11 I see the star power of a new Rat Pack (notice how they have to state “starring in alphabetical order”) and I know that it will be a fun action packed romp through Vegas. These images give you a taste of what each stands for…and if the taste appeals to you, you should buy it.

Your advertising images need to do the same. Dig deep into the meaning of your offerings (to your chosen customers) and filter your message, then create your own movie poster for the world. If you do this you will have your own Anthem that will make people stand at attention.

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