Strategic Property Branding Photography Plan Part 1

The 3-Step Audit: Start with where you are 

(aka Situational Analysis)

To position your property owner/management company as professionally operated your visual assets need to be in focus with straight lines while being consistent in their colour palette, ratios, and sizing.

Step #1 - What is Your Current Intended Branding?

What are your company, and individual property, mission/tagline, and objectives?

Mission/Tag line: your company and property’s “why”

Objectives: are measurable results and can be leasing, traffic, awareness, and brand position recognition

  • Create a one-page document brief
    • Company Mission or your Company Tag line: Type it out
    • Company Objectives: Type it out
    • Property Mission or Tag line: Type it out
    • Property Objectives: Type it out 

Step #2 - How do your current visual assets match your Intended Branding?

Analyze your current visual assets to determine if they align with those objectives. 

  • Create an Excel Document
    • Column #1
      • Company/Corporate
      • Individual Property Names
    • Column #2
      • Website home page URL
    • Column #3
      • Tenant/Unit Image URL
    • Column #4
      • Google Maps URL
    • Column #5
      • Social Media URLs
    • Column #6
      • Printed Assets
    • Column #7
      • On-Brand:
        • Are all Assets Consistent with the Mission 
        • Yes/No

Step #3: How Getting On-Brand Should look like

The Ideal Visual Representation of your company and Properties *you can have tiers, for example, you can have a community shopping centre whose “look” would not match up with a strip mall or office tower’s “look”

  • List your individual properties into lifestyles
    • List how each property’s visual assets should look as represented by a URL, screen capture, or direct images
      • This imagery can be from another company or from within your own company - the idea is to give an example of the gold standard that your properties assets need to follow in line with

Note: This can be a time-consuming process, if you would like to save time I offer consulting services to complete the process for you; pricing is available by quote.

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