Smiths Falls Panoramics Part 1 - Community Centre Park Area

Smiths Falls rink of dreams at blue hour by Frank Fenn
Smiths Falls warehouse at blue hour by Frank Fenn
Smiths Falls baseball diamond at blue hour by Frank Fenn

Years ago I was on a long train ride with a former golf pro and he told me that the old saying “Practice makes perfect” is wrong.

“Frank, perfect practice makes perfect.”

Each of these pictures is actually 8 pictures stitched together. 

When making panoramics you need to follow and practice proper techniques in using a shift lens. If you don’t, the lines in the building won’t match up and it will be all distorted. You do this by leveling your camera, getting a proper exposure between the building and the sky, taking a series of images and then compositing the images together in Lightroom. After all this, you need to use Photoshop, and select the elements to downgrade and accentuate to draw the eye to your subject. 

I’m torn between calling this “art” or “illustration” but in the end it is about sharing an idealized version of what the eye actually sees so that you can put yourself, as the viewer, in the scene. 

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