Pole Photography

I was at a Christmas Party last December and I brought up that I do Pole Photography.

The person got very excited and asked me if I had done Pole Dancing Photography long.

“Ummm, no, not that type of Pole Photography”

I attach my camera onto an extension pole (the pole is imbedded into a tripod) and then I remotely control the camera from an app on my iPad.

This is an alternative to making pictures with a drone - which you cannot just fly anywhere you want - and is perfect for a different perspective on buildings and getting everyone in a group picture.

Here is a 20’ pole picture:

And here is an unedited ground level picture of the same building:

Ground-level photographs are great for sharing how it looks and feels from an “I’m walking up to the building” perspective while a photograph made at height shares more of the builder and architect’s point of view of a property’s features.

And when you make a group picture from height, everyone is in the picture:

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