Personal Branding Session with Johnny Vegas in Ottawa

The first time I met Johnny Vegas was when I was photographing a wedding at Cedarhill Golf & Country Club in Nepean/Ottawa. Johnny’s band was performing later and I had the good fortune to dine with him at the reception. In talking with him I was impressed by how outgoing and polite he was but what really stuck with me was that he paid attention to and was totally engaged by all of the speeches and was sincerely touched by them. 

I had learned at that time that he had regular gigs at different local bars (including Maxwells on Elgin Street). This is how the Bride and Groom had discovered him. Being impressed by his enthusiastic professionalism I made sure that to become friends with him on Facebook and I kept track of his comings and goings. 

While putting together the plan for this first personal branding session with Johnny it was important for him (and me) to visit places that meant more than “just having a pretty background”. The first stop was at the Manx on Elgin Street. This was where Johnny made his debut - he shared that he listened through the window (seen at the left) to the basement pub for his cue to make his entrance. 

And, while Maxwells has become a different restaurant, he told me that he loaded (and unloaded) his equipment through the back doors over a thousand times for his performances.

I’m looking forward to opening up the Iconic Portrait Studio in Billings Bridge Shopping Centre (hopefully in July) where we will make new headshots and to a follow up on-location session to complete his package.

For more information on Personal Branding Headshot sessions visit: ICONICPORTRAIT.CA

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