Ottawa VIA Train Station

My car died.

It was 4:15 pm three days before Christmas and there I was, stranded.

But not for long.

Call to Enterprise. If I got there by 5 pm I could have a rental

UBER App: 6 minutes later my driver was there. And at 4:45 i was driving a rental.

The next morning I had a tow truck bring my car to Smiths Falls for the dealer to work on.

And I had a car for the week.

I returned the rental yesterday and needed a way to get home.


Because I live in Smiths Falls I can get anywhere in Canada by train. I had some time before departure and knew I wanted to photograph the station, the sun had set, and the misty drizzling rain and the busyness of the station made me feel like my car was meant to break down so that I could make these pictures.

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