Free Zoom Backgrounds Available

If you use Zoom you know that you can change your background, but what to use? I’ve put together some pictures into a gallery for friends and colleagues to use as backgrounds for their next meetings. 

Each photograph is sized to fit your Zoom screen at the correct resolution.


Download instructions:

On a device (cellphone/tablet)
Press the menu button then the download icon on any photograph and it will be downloaded directly onto your device. 

On a Personal Computer
Click on the first picture in your gallery and you can scroll through - you will see the menu button and then the download icon at the top left of the photograph. If you click the download icon it will give you the option to download a single photograph or all of the original photographs. If you choose to download all of the originals then your photographs will be downloaded into a zip file onto your computer.

Frank Fenn - idea3

Using Format