AI Fun

Looking back at that time I photographed old cars in the desert with the snowcap mountains in the background.

But I didn’t.

Adobe recently released their Beta AI in Photoshop and, like almost every photographer on the planet, I began experimenting to see if I could augment reality in a believable way.

The original picture is one I made of a Hotwheel MG sitting on a granite block on the lock outside the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. Photographed with a 24mm perspective control lens using the tilt function (see original below) the blurriness on top and bottom was created in-camera so that focus was on the car’s front end.

Bringing the picture into Photoshop AI I added puddles, then mountains, and then made a very wide panoramic. To give a stronger balance I then added more sky and, after touching up rough edges, and about two hours of tweaking this is what I got.

While Adobe AI use is not available for commercial use - especially so for architecture photographers, where truth is imperative - it is good to know what is out there and to practice and play with the latest.

Note, I could have made this same picture without AI - if I had pictures of mountains and more time - this picture was playtime.

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