Frank Fenn - IDEA3 - Headshot Ottawa

Headshots for your team in your office with our professional photographer and our portable studio 

Your brand image is your people

Consistent photographs of your team members across all media from web to social to posters and print.

Professional Ideal
Photographs that follow your style guide from backgrounds to lighting and colour balance to showcase your complete professionalism.

We come to your place of business and create consistent professional profile photographs in 1/2 or 1 day "headshot days" in your place of business. Staff are often working off site, on vacation or travelling - multiple date reservations can be made.

We set up in your office on the appointed date(s)/times and photograph each person as an individual to match your company aesthetic.

Cat Herding

Organizing everyone to be on site on the same date and time blocks always seems to land on one person in the office. From getting them on board, to reminding them and having them show up on time eats into your effective billable hours. 

You have more important tasks to accomplish in your day.

Professional Ideal
The photographer takes scheduling off your hands so you just have to set the date(s) and show up.

We create a custom online schedule for staff to reserve their 15-minute headshot session on their date (or choice of dates if you opt for a series of dates)

  • you send them the scheduling link
  • they reserve their spot 
  • they receive a confirmation email
  • they receive a reminder email 12 hours prior


Image quality and consistency starts with building rapport on a foundation of seemingly effortless baked in portrait making skills. 

  • rapport - for some people getting their photograph made is like going to the dentist, everyone is unique. Frank follows the platinum rule (treat people they way they want to be treated) by effectively "reading the room" he creates a comfortable atmosphere with genuine interest in the people he's photographing.  
  • professional studio lighting to shape and contour features so that your clients are able to look them in their friendly eyes 
  • professional cameras and lenses are used to make the most of the time we have together
  • all photographs are made with a white backdrop, this standard brings all focus on the person and will allow you to change the background to corporate or theme colours
  • RAW files, all photographs begin life at the maximum resolution available and are delivered as edited JPG files. This is done for two reasons 1. for best editing and 2. for use on billboard sized communications.
  • Being professionally organized continues with the naming of files: date, company name, persons last and first names and sequence number
  • Online Galleries - once photographs are completed your company will have access to a) a master gallery (for your designer/HR access) and b) one individual gallery per person

On-Location Session Fees

1/2 Day: $500

  • 3 hours of photography + 1 hour set up and take down
  • 1 to 12 people photographed
  • includes photographer and equipment

Full Day: $1,000

  • 7 hours of photography + 1 hour set up and take down
  • 1 to 24 people photographed
  • includes photographer and equipment

Photograph File Fees

  • edited web/social media sized JPG images (72 PPI x 2,000 pixels on long edge): $25 each
  • edited print media sized JPG images (300 PPI x 10,000 pixels on long edge): $50 each

Quote Example

12 staff photographed in a 1/2 day session with 12 web/social sized JPG files: $800

Frank Fenn IDEA3 commercial photography

2277 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1H 7X6

Contact for More Informaiton

Additional Notes

  • HST is added to price
  • Hair, Makeup and Styling not included in price
  • Images are edited for blemish and hair touch-ups with editable backgrounds
  • Images are delivered via online gallery from which you download the files for your use
  • Licence to use images is without limitations with a shared copyright 
  • Photographer reserves right to be able to publish pictures without limitations

Using Format