Property Audit Photography

We don't always see what is blatantly staring us in the face

It's happened to me, it's likely happened to you.

You see your property every day and every day it looks the same, fantastic! 

Then, one day, someone takes a picture and shares it on social, Google or in the news.

That is when the blemishes, scars and hazards stare you right in the face.

Spring is the best time to perform Property Audit Photography

Winter can hide all of our problems.

Then the snow melts. 

Wear and tear on asphalt, corrosion and mold all reveal themselves for the underlying issues they are.

The window of opportunity to see and correct our property foundation issues is mid-April to mid-May.

We'll come to your property and photograph everything


We make full wide angle shots and close ups. From those, honest-not edited pictures, we'll create high-resolution files that you can zoom in and see what needs correcting.  


You will receive a comprehensive online (private) gallery of all of those pictures so that you can copy and paste into your property plan.

A comprehensive visual record that you can share with your contractors so that they can make your property what it deserves to be.  


Single Interior Unit Rate: $250 

Single Small Exterior Property Rate (up to 100k sf): $500

Single Large Exterior Rate (101k to 500k sf): $1,000

Single Extra Large Exterior Rate (501k to 1million sf): $2,000 

Volume Discounts available, contact for quote based on your needs

Ottawa Ontario

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