Musician Branding Photography in Ottawa

Your Complete Story

Musician Branding Sessions:
Your complete story in pictures

The Musician Branding Session combines a 1-hour in-studio headshot session with a 3-hour on-location magazine-style portrait session to share your professional story. 

1. Pre-session interview

We ask questions to determine the best places to make your portraits and what you should wear and how you will be styled

  • what are your objectives with your pictures?
  • how will they fit into your overall image strategy
  • where are your favourite places that will showcase and enhance your story
  • are there tools of your trade to include?

2. Research
We pre-visit all of the location(s) and draft a plan to create pictures that enhance your story. 

3. Timing
We will work directly with you to arrange the locations and create a timeline to follow.

4. The Photographs

To create unique portraits your photographs will be made in RAW format, with and without artificial light, in both a staged and organic way to capture the spirit of your personality and character.

5. Editing
We edit your photographs in-house - cropping, toning, straightening and blemish removal are all part of creating professional images with a vision that matches your objectives.

6. Delivery
Very High Resolution Fully Edited Signature images will be available to you within two weeks via online gallery.

7. Pricing: $650
The 1-hour headshot session (1 to 4 individuals) takes place in-studio at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre 

The 3-hour on-location session takes place on the streets, at/in a favourite building, during a rehearsal or at a live performance in the Ottawa area.

IDEA3 Photography - Frank Fenn

Iconic Portrait Studio - Billings Bridge Shopping Centre
2277 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1H 7X6

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