Business Owner Branding 
Photography Session

Featured photographs: Heather Jeffery of Re4m LINK

Business Owner Branding Sessions: Sharing your process and creativity

The Business Owner Branding (BOB) Session combines is a 3-hour, on-location, magazine-style portrait session to share your creative journey. 

1. Pre-session interview

We ask questions to determine the best places to make your portraits and what you should wear and how you will be styled

  • what are your objectives with your pictures?
  • how will they fit into your overall image strategy
  • where are your favourite places that will showcase and enhance your story
  • are there tools of your trade to include?

2. Research
We pre-visit your location and draft a plan to create pictures that enhance your story. 

3. Timing
We will work directly with you to arrange the locations and create a timeline to follow while leaving room for flexibility to showcase you and your process.

4. Photographs
To create unique portraits your photographs will be made in RAW format, with and without artificial light, in both a staged and organic way to capture the spirit of your personality and character.

5. Editing
We edit your photographs in-house - cropping, toning, straightening and blemish removal are all part of creating professional images with a vision that matches your objectives.

6. Delivery
Very High Resolution Fully Edited Signature images will be available to you within two weeks via online gallery.

7. Pricing: $650

  • 3-hour on-location session takes place in your work environment in the Ottawa area.

IDEA3 Photography - Frank Fenn

Iconic Portrait Studio - Billings Bridge Shopping Centre
2277 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1H 7X6

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